Guidance on how to correctly import these releases (Eurobeat Masters)

Hello there!

I’m looking to, slowly but surely, import all of the Eurobeat Masters series into MusicBrainz but I’m having some difficulties when understanding how to proceed.

The data

I’m gonna try to describe the data that I want to import.

Eurobeat Masters used to be a bootleg compilation album series released digitally between 2008 and 2011.
In 2018, Delta Music Industry (or DMI Music or simply Delta; the real label) took the whole thing down over copyright infringement.

Eventually, they (Delta) started releasing official “remastered by Newfield” versions and in early 2023, they also officially released the original versions. These are identical to the originally-bootleg releases except for the fact that they’re now official and have a different release date (obviously)

The questions

  1. How would I go about adding the originally-bootleg versions?
    There’s already a “Eurobeat Masters” release group series on MusicBrainz and for every release group there’s the original version with (only) the bootleg release date but the status as “official”.
    Should I just add the 2023 release event or do I need to duplicate the release and put it in the same group just to change the status and the date?

  2. The remastered releases will be added to the same release group, right?

  3. There’s a new incarnation of the series starting with a duplicated volume 21 (bootleg ends with 21; new incarnation starts with 21).
    The releases and groups will be separate and a disambiguation will be added (right?), but how do I set the order of the series so that the 21st volumes are shown correctly, like this:

    • Eurobeat Masters, Vol. 20
    • Eurobeat Masters, Vol. 21 (2011 originally-bootleg)
    • Eurobeat Masters, Vol. 21 (2023)
    • Eurobeat Masters, Vol. 22

Sorry if these are obvious, maybe stupid, questions and thanks to anyone that will answer in advance.


We do need two releases, the original and the bootleg. The ones in there should probably be marked as bootleg and you should add a new one as official with the new release date :slight_smile:


Why would they ever do that :smiley: If you have the same order for two releases (or release groups, not sure what’s a better fit here), I think they will get ordered on date, so it should still show in the right order. But still, why! :smiley:


Got it

First, thanks for the info!
Second, they probably wanted a somewhat easy way to tell the order of the new incarnation: Vol. 22 = Vol 2 (22 - 20) of the new thing (>= 21). They may have thought this might be a good compromise between having duplicated volumes up to the 21st and having 20 + 1 volumes of offset instead of a rounder 20. But that’s just my speculation