Guidance on a few miscellaneous album credits and related works

Hi, all! I’ve recently begun my first ever foray into adding something to the database with this release:

I’ve managed to figure almost everything out on my own, but I’m a little unclear on how to proceed with a few miscellaneous bits from the CD Booklet, which I’ll list here (the names and special thanks have been transliterated for you convenience, but the titles of the credits are actually in English in the booklet, so there’s no ambiguity there):

Produced and Organized by Chisato Tsuwano (Rolling Coconuts)
Mastered by Koji Katsuta at ann’s Sound
Designed by Shuichi Ando

Illustration: Yoshiyuki Momose

Executive Producer: Ichiro “DJ ICHIRO” Sakiyama(INSENSE MUSIC WORKS INC.)

Special Thanks: Toru Shinagawa (Studio Ghibli), Hiroyuki Watanabe (Café Mugiwara Boushi), and everyone who loves ukulele and Studio Ghibli films.

The mastering credit was simple enough, and I just figured out the Executive Producer thing, but I’m a bit stymied on everything else.

  1. How should I credit the person who “Produced and Organized”?
  2. How should I disambiguate the “Illustrator” and the “Designer” when the relationship name is “design/illustration”?
  3. What relationship does A&R fall under?
  4. Should the special thanks and short biography of the Illustrator simply go in the annotations?
  5. Should those parts in parentheses indicating the company they work for be included in the “credited as” section?

Also, I have a question about the Related Works: should I modify the relationships that were automatically populated to fit how things were credited in the album, or leave them as is? For example, the publishing credit for the second track is given as “©1989 by Studio Ghibli” in the CD booklet, but related works automatically provided the Japanese script version, スタジオジブリ. Should I remove that relationship, and add a “credited as Studio Ghibli” version with the date beginning in 1989?

I hope that’s not too many questions, but I really want to make sure my submission is as robust and accurate as possible. Thanks!

  1. This should be credited as producer. There is no relationship for organisation, but you could put it under ”miscellaneous support”, because: “This indicates that the artist performed a role not covered by other relationship types.” An annotation can be used to store the exact wording.
  2. “Design/illustration” and “graphic design” are very badly defined. I always interpret the former as images created for the artwork, and the latter as more general layout and design.
  3. I guess that’s another one for miscellaneous support.
  4. I think the annotation would be the right place for that.
  5. I usually ignore that information.

Because works can be linked to various recordings on a multitude of releases, it is not very useful to use artist credits there. I would leave that as is.


For 3, there’s an A&R relationship on the release group level.