Guidance for contribution

Hello Sir/Ma’am
I am Vibhoo Srivastava.I am sophomore at IIIT Kalyani.I know python and basics of ml/dl.May you please guide how to start contributing to the codebase of metabrainz.
Thanking You

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Welcome to the community, Vibhoo. Is there any particular project you are interested in? I would suggest to follow the development docs of that project and setup local environment. Further, you can find some tasks to work on from Finally, I will suggest to join the #metabrainz IRC channel where all the development discussions happen. If you can’t find a ticket to work on, get stuck or have any other doubt, please feel free to ask us.


Sorry to say sir but till now I have not explored any projects of metabrainz foundation.But I am sure that i would like to work on some ml/dl project with python as major language used.I will follow what you say.
Thanking You.

We don’t use DL at all so far. We use some parts of ML in ListenBrainz project. My suggestion would be to get familiarized with ListenBrainz project first and work on some small tasks before diving into the ML stuff. You can find the dev docs at Server development — ListenBrainz 0.1.0 documentation. Feel free to ping me in the IRC channel if you need help setting it up locally or have some doubt etc.

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Ok sir.
I will look into this project and would update you if I get stuck.