Guessed mbid swaps artist and song

If I listen to the Sepia (not available on MB) remix of Smoke by Truth, LB labels the listen as Truth by Smoke rather than listing it as unknown, thus swapping the artist and track around, despite them both being explicitly stated in the listen data:

  "inserted_at": 1703443670,
  "listened_at": 1703443671,
  "recording_msid": "d1bdb878-706c-40f2-af26-fd712314ce74",
  "track_metadata": {
    "additional_info": {
      "duration_ms": 315442,
      "media_player": "MusicBee",
      "recording_msid": "d1bdb878-706c-40f2-af26-fd712314ce74",
      "submission_client": "ScrobblerBrainz",
      "trackNumber": "12"
    "artist_name": "Truth",
    "mbid_mapping": {
      "artist_mbids": [
      "artists": [
          "artist_credit_name": "Smoke",
          "artist_mbid": "2d4ed015-f6f5-429d-ac83-9089d769b109",
          "join_phrase": ""
      "recording_mbid": "a1618f07-02b5-411a-b350-f48fc32d4f22",
      "recording_name": "Truth",
      "release_mbid": "d6212044-4729-4e1d-8e21-72f0d46c7727"
    "release_name": "Deep, Dark & Dangerous (Remixes)",
    "track_name": "Smoke (Sepia Remix)"
  "user_name": "krystalline"

Is there any way I can get LB to just display the track as unknown rather than as a completely different track? Keeping a record of what I listen to is quite important to me as I use it for data analysis etc.
Thanks for any help!

I am guessing that artist-title swaps are common enough in submitted metadata that the mapper is able to use reverse-swaps as a successful mapping strategy. Of course, if the Sepia remix were available in the database, your listen would probably have been mapped correctly. So if correctly registering your listens is important to you, why don’t you add the release to the MusicBrainz database and make a link from your broken listen?

Thanks for the info. I would love to add the release to the database, but since the artist doesn’t exist in the database yet, I don’t feel confident creating an entire artist profile, album profile, and set of releases as my first contribution!
I guess I can scramble the track name so it doesn’t recognise it, as a short-term solution.

Ah, kids these days. To help you gain a little more confidence: here is my belated Christmas gift to you:

Now start editing: it still needs to have put in the remix relationships. I didn´t need to create any new artist so I think you won’t have to either. If you run into trouble, do not hesitate to ask me or the MB crew for help. We are happy to help out.


Thank you, I’ll do my best when I find time!

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My pleasure. Don’t forget to link your borked listen to the correct recording; It exists in the MB database now.

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Woah I misread what you sent, thank you!!!

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