GSOC - Add Timezone support to ListenBrainz

I’m Venkatesh from India, I am a Backend Developer. I passed out last year from college as a CS graduate and this is my first time at GSoC. I would like to learn and explore more about open-source using this opportunity. I have spent a good time making projects with Python. I came across MetaBrainz Foundation Inc through GSOC. I’m interested in contributing to the project Add Timezone support to ListenBrainz. I have completed the local setup of ListenBrains-Server. I created an account in Musicbrainz and got the OAuth keys for my local setup. Now, I’m getting familiar with the code. Can I know how can I prove myself for this project?

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Hi Venkatesh, thanks for your interest in working on ListenBrainz with us.
Please take a look at the Development/Summer of Code/Getting started - MusicBrainz Wiki for some suggestions about where to start with the codebase, some ideas for tasks that you could work on, and how to reach out to us in the #metabrainz IRC channel.