GSOC 2024: Add machine learning to BPM detection code

Hello, my name is Sitam Meur, and I am currently pursuing a computer science major. I have experience with open-source projects, specifically in the fields of AI, ML, and neural networks. I have previously contributed to repos such as PyTorch and Keras. I am applying for GSOC’24, and I am interested in drafting a proposal for a project that I recently saw on the MetaBrainz GSOC organization page.

I understand that the last date of discussion was March 18th, and I apologize for not participating during that time. Although I see that there is no ongoing 2024 GSOC discussion in the ListenBrainz forum, I kindly request that I be considered as part of the discussion for the project “Add machine learning to BPM detection code”.

Regarding the project, I have explored some research papers and state-of-the-art methods for BPM detection. If possible, I would like to discuss my strategies with you before drafting my proposal.

I’m sad to say, but you’ve arrived too late:

Development/Summer of Code/2024 - MusicBrainz Wiki

Read the section in bold at the top about appearing no later than March 18. There isn’t enough time for you to do an adequate job with your application in the time that is left.