GSOC 2023: Track The Listening Consistency of The User Throughout The Year in Listenbrainz

Personal Information

Name: Susmita Bhattacharya
Preferred Name: Susmita
Email Address:
University/College: Jalpaiguri Government Engineering College (Autonomous), WestBengal
Country of residence: India
Time Zone: IST (UTC + 05:30)

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Track the listening consistency of an user by using LineChart and PieChart in a year -(Year In Music Section)

Implement Type: Feature

Project Abstract:

Project Area:

Year In Music Section of Listenbrainz application

Current Situation:

When some data present:
Currently on the screen, there are two types of cards.

  • Top Songs Card (Throughout the year)
  • Top Artist Card (Throughout the Year)

No data Present:

About The feature:

Here basically, I want to add another section on that page that will show the consistency of the user as a music listener and give them an acknowledgment based on this as a listenbrainz user. We can achieve it Through LineChart and PieChart.

  • LineChart will show in each month how many hours they spend with the music listening.

    Along Y-axis we can plot hour. For exampple
    2-3 hour
    3-4 hour
    5-6 hour
    7-8 hour
    10-12 hour

    Along X-axis we can plot different months of the year.

Here is an example of the real world implementation of Codechef, Although here the field is different.

  • We are going to use PieChart, which will display the overall consistency of the user. For example,

    consistency (2)

    This basically shows the consistency of the user with the application, (not in each day how much time they spend with music.)

  • If the user uses our application for more than 10 hours, we can show them an alert message about his/her health.

  • For a consistent user, we can do the following things.

    i) We can set their level as level 1,2,3…. etc. as a consistent user
    ii) We can give them some points which will display on their profile section.
    (For these we will have to redesign the profile section also.)

Future Scope:

If we have time after completing our milestone, we can filter our graph based on this factors and return the result to the user.
(i) Year-Month (X-Y) (ii) Day-Hours (X-Y)

Benefits Of This Feature:

  • It will increase the user’s consistency with the application.
  • A good profile design (As we have to redesign them, in some cases) with more details about the user may attract them more to this application.
  • Users are able to detect their summary and their overall consistency in a more concise way.
  • Users are also able to be aware about their uses.


  • Android
  • Kotlin
  • Android-Jetpack
  • MVVM
  • LineChart and PieChart for android.

Time Taken: 12 weeks.

Other Information:

The Computer I have available for Working:
64 bit windows operating system, x64 based processor.

From When I am start programming:

I have start programming from my second semester examination. (3 years ago)

How much time I am available for the project?
To be honest, we can’t say it in advance. According to my perspective It depends on the project work and its importance.

But initially, I will try to give at least 1-2 hours in a day.

What aspects of the project you’re applying for (e.g., MusicBrainz, AcousticBrainz, etc.) interest you the most?

I have always wanted to work on ListenBrainz. Recently, when I open the application after downloading it from the play-store The Year-In-music section attract me the most, as this section makes Listenbrainz different from any other application. But unfortunately, as I am a new user, I have no data to display in that section.
So, I search for the source code and collect it from GitHub and open in my android studio.
Then try to recognize the YearInMusic screen.

Then I have get my idea. Looking forward for your consideration

Thank You.


We are collecting ideas for next year’s Year In Music report in this ticket: [LB-1178] Year in Music 2023 - MetaBrainz JIRA. We won’t likely finalize what all we are going to have in the report until late this year so this idea is not fit for a GSoC project.

Also, this year’s Year in Music report had much more stuff than top songs and top artists. You can see a full report here: ListenBrainz Year in Music 2022 for lucifer.

I will suggest you to join the #metabrainz IRC and discuss other existing ideas or a new idea of yours with the mentors.

Thanks @lucifer For your response. Okay will do it as soon as possible. And your work is also good :blush: