GSOC 2023 Music Recommendation: Implement a new Troi patch for generating music recommendations

Hello everyone, I am Rajat Partani, a senior Computer Science major at NIT Karnataka. I’m new to Open-Source but I’ve got vast knowledge in the fields of Computer Networks, Algorithms and Software Development through personal projects and internships. I’m applying for gsoc’23 and I’d love to draft a proposal for this project. If possible can you guide me a little bit on it?

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The very first step is for you to read our Troi docs, that were just published:

Troi Recommendation Toolkit — Troi 0.1.0 documentation

The next step is entirely up to you – this is an open invitation for someone to implement a new dynamically generated playlist. If you don’t have any ideas for what to implement, then this project is unlikely a good fit for you.

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