GSOC 2019 listenbrainz idea "Creating beautiful charts/graphs for user behaviour"

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Hello MetaBrainz community!
I am planning to draft a proposal for the listenbrainz project idea " Creating beautiful charts/graphs for user behaviour", I have prior experience working with highcharts.js, and also well versed with optimizations that would improve the loading speed of charts at client side.
I had a few questions regarding the idea, like what kind of data is expected to be plotted(it will be helpful to know this as it is a prerequisite for selecting a particular chart) eg “recording similarity” project of acousticbrainz aims at building a similarity score between 2 songs which i guess would be an integer value.(I am working on a similar project for tagging words to sounds, would love to see this idea implemented).
Basically I would like to know the data available at logic level which needs to be plotted.
I was not able to open the data-set in google cloud platform.
but i found the schema here-

please let me know if some other information also needs to be plotted which will help me make my proposal “to the point”.

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Hi amitd!

Glad to see that you’re interested in the idea. Please feel free to come and chat with us on IRC as most of the dev team hangs out there.

We have a bunch of tickets about the kind of graphs we’d like to see.

Note that we’re not sure we have the data for all of these graphs, some discussion before you actually make your proposal would be needed. Again, all the devs are on IRC. Looking forward to seeing you there. :slight_smile: