GSOC 2019 - BookBrainz Project


Hello Everyone,

I am Aman Dave and I am a Sophomore studying Information and Communication Theory at Ahmedabad University. Recently I saw the idea page of MetaBrainz for GSOC 2019.

My technical abilities include : HTML,CSS, ReactJS, D3Js for frontend.

Java, MySQL, Node JS, AWS and springboot for backend.

I have extensive experience with ReactJS, I have already built 2 Industry level React applications for clients and I am currently working on third which should finish very soon.

Currently I am working on creating a Website for The Seventh International Big Data Analytics Conference. I was recommended as a Web Developer to my college Dean, and I am coordinating with him to get the site up and running.

I am looking forward for discussions and guidance from Mentors. It would also be great if emails of mentors were shared.


Hi, and welcome to MetaBrainz. :slight_smile:

And yet you haven’t mentioned a single idea/project from said page that you’d be interested in working on… It’s hard to discuss anything or guide you when you’ve given us nothing to discuss or guide you towards. Did you read the “Getting started” document in our GSoC documentation?


Hi @wizArD.19, I am a fellow GSoC aspirant as well. If you need to contact mentors, the best option is #metabrainz channel on IRC. @Mr_Monkey is the person you should be looking for.

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