GSOC 2019 - BookBrainz Project Proposal

Hi there,
I am Muhammad Hasham, Computer Science final year student. I want to take on Design and implement a unified creation form .

I have been doing React for quite a while and I feel confident in it. I have understood the idea of implementing a form using steps as a single page application. I have worked on this type of project before which was related to a quiz application.

Please let me know what should I do further to start with it.
Please refer to my github profile:

I have made a rough sketch of steps that would be there. I have an idea, we can use react-step and material-ui as well. That’s just an idea. But we can also make custom react render props components.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Hi @MuhammadHasham , I am a fellow GSoC aspirant. I sugest you to read the Getting Started Guide . For BookBrainz projects, the main point of contact is Nicolaes Pelletier. You should introduce yourself in the IRC and get in touch with him. His IRC nick is @Mr_Monkey.

Hi @MuhammadHasham, welcome!

The two main things I would recommend to start doing are:

  1. An in-depth mockup/wireframe of the steps to show an understanding of the goal of this project. I tried opening the document you linked, but I only see a single page with one element on it. Either it’s not working or it’s not the right way to share it… You can always take screenshots and accompany them with a description of actions and transitions.
  2. Get familiar with BookBrainz. This is really important; the codebase is quite rich and complexe, and it won’t be sufficient to just start implementing it without any prior knowledge or understanding of where the elements are. You will need to understand where the code that you will create/modify lives, and what it does. I suggest having a look at our issue tracker if you want to start working on a ticket

We’re using Bootstrap for this project, so we’ll stick to it instead of MaterialUI.

But we can also make custom react render props components.

I’m not sure I understand this, it’s too vague. In general, please try to go in depth as much as you can in your proposal. The details will matter and are important to show good understanding.

Good luck !


@mr_monkey should I submit my proposal and then start contributing to the issues. I have started studying the codebase. Is there a chance for selection, since it’s too late. I really want to contribute.

If you really want to contribute, you are always welcome to do so! Far most contributors in the MetaBrainz projects are not contributing because of GSoC. We will obviously do our best to help you and guide you and mentor you with regards to our projects and code if you (try to) contribute to it, regardless of whether your contributions are related to GSoC or not.

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Hi @MuhammadHasham,

I second what Freso said, you’re always welcome to participate in BookBrainz, GSOC or not :slight_smile:

Some answers to your other questions:

  • The right place for submitting a draft proposals is right here. You can edit your first message.
  • If you have a proposal that is ready for review, you should post it; there isn’t much time left (until the 9th of April) to review and correct it so the sooner the better. Final proposal is doen on the GSOC website
  • Considering the timeline, I would suggest you focus on creating a quality proposal first. However, your understanding of the codebase will come into consideration when reviewing the application, and it is indeed already quite late in the process to show your knowledge and skills.

Hey there!
I am Parul Priyedarshani, a 3rd year Computer Science student. I read the documentation of the Metabrainz organization and found it very interesting. I read last year’s ideas list of Metabrainz and want to contribute to its Bookbrainz project for GSOC 2020. I am a newbie here and I need some guidance to start. Can somebody guide me about some good first issues to start with and on how, and from where should I begin?

Hi Parul, and welcome to our community!

You can have a look at the BookBrainz issue tracker to find an unassigned ticket you’re interested in working on.
There are no bad answers, any improvement is welcome :slight_smile:

There are tickets with a good-first-bug label which should be a good starting point.


Also, if you haven’t yet, take a look at

A lot of being active in a community is social stuff. Coming on the forum is a good start. :slight_smile: That document may have additional suggestions for how to get yourself involved. IRC is definitely used a lot more for development coordination than the forum.