Groups as performance names (solo artists and virtual groups)

soo, @chaban and I are having a bit of disagreement on an edit of @J.Bloom’s, and I’d like some input from the community at large

for context, Evoline Theory and the Masquerade is “a virtual band of [Kakofonus’] characters/fursona”, so all 4 members are characters of one artist and therefore (I presume) are all performed by them

I think since it’s technically a solo project, it can be categorized as a performance alias of Kako, whereas chaban and (perhaps) J.Bloom think otherwise (J.Bloom hasn’t commented since I’ve stated my case, so I’m unsure where they stand)

this also follows how we’ve handled some similar cases, such as multiple aliases of Emma Essex (previously known as Lapfox), with their virtual groups Kitcaliber (a virtual duo), Halley Hard Sound Unit, MGD Sound Team, PSURG Sound Team, and possibly 5 Step Sound Team (some of these are missing the proper member relationships at the moment)

there’s not much I’ve seen in the guidelines that convinces me that it shouldn’t be this way either, besides maybe the name of the performance name of relationship being “is person”, tho I think that doesn’t disqualify in this case, since the group is, in fact, one person.

Seems like the artist intent is that this is a group made of characters? Kinda like furry Gorillaz?


kind of, yes. the main difference is the groups I mention are by a single person, as opposed to the Gorillaz, who I believe is a collaboration between Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett (in addition to whatever rapper is possessing Russell Hobbs, the virtual drummer)

Then I’d still follow artist intent and credit it as a group of characters.

it is credited as a group of characters, see the relationships tab, as is Kitcaliber, the example I was following. the point of disagreement is whether this should be treated as a performance alias at the same time. I think yes, since it is only one person behind the virtual group, and it’s not as publicized that it’s a virtual group instead of just a cool name. their one release on Kako’s own label doesn’t credit the band members on the Bandcamp page. the only way we (or at least I) found out this is a group was by @J.Bloom talking to the artist directly

I think at least until they go full Gorillaz*, they should probably be treated as a performance alias as well as a group

*the publicizing that it’s a group, not necessarily the multiple-people-behind-the-group