Group genre in one line

I came down with an issue related to traktor.

It doesn’t show up multiple genre in his genre tag.

So if my 50 cent - disco inferno hip hop; rap

Has this 2 genres in Picard, in traktor only show one.

But if I edit the genre in Picard and put both hip hop rap in one line, not one under another, it appears both on traktor tag. The system interprets as one single tag

Is there an script of that? How to do that ?

I am kinda new to the software

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Hello, @gayildj , welcome to MusicBrainz and thank you for using MusicBrainz Picard.

I don’t use genres myself, so I can’t help answer your question. But I want to make sure someone welcomes you. Good luck making the genres work for you!


Seems this is an issue in traktor for years:

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If you use a script like:


The genres should get flattened into a single line, separated by "; ".


oh heyy, it worked. I know the genres arent separated eachly but when I search in traktor for IDM for a track that is techno, idm and ambient: traktor show idm track, not needing to search for everything in genre line : techno idm ambient.

so, perfect!

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