Greyed out information on role/instrument on MusicBrainz omited by Picard?

When looking at:

the first song (Bodhisattva), the roles of ''lead vocals" and “solo” are greyed out/have no hyperlink.

If you load that track into Picard, (not sure if it’s related to the above observation) it results in:

“lead vocals” not being populated at all
and where it says “solo guitar family: Jeff “Skunk” Baxter and Denny Dias”
Picard will omit the ‘guitar’ part and just say “solo: Jeff “Skunk” Baxter and Denny Dias”
So you’ll not know what instrument they were performing the solo on.

Is this just a flaw in how this release was entered, or is it intentional by design in some way?

That is because there are no MB entities for vocals, but there is for instruments.

The rest looks like a Picard bug to me, but I’m not a frequent Picard user.

That’s interesting. (and new to me)
So MusicBrainz doesn’t consider ‘vocals’ to be an instrument?
Shouldn’t it?

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I certainly think we should.

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Thanks, that seems like a good idea, and hopefully somebody with programming skills and authorization will pick it up, and implement it anytime soon.

So I can now prune my original question to:

I can’t replicate your problem. Picard gets it right for me…

Thank you for taking the effort to replicate it.
It triggered me to dive in a little deeper, and I found out it is related to the ‘Standardise Performers’ plugin’ I have activated.
Disabling it now indeed shows ‘the guitar’.

Either I will give it some more thought and tries tomorrow, or I will jump in my time machine to return to the pre-membranophone/guitar-family era.