'graphic design' vs 'design/illustration'

I’m wondering what’s the difference between ‘graphic design’ are ‘design/illustration’. It seems really similar to me (but maybe because English is not my native language).

Is the ‘design/illustration’ someone how created a figure like a drawing for the cover? And ‘graphic design’ arrange everything and added for example some text and logos on the top of the drawing?

I would be very grateful, if someone can help me to understand the difference that I set the relationships correctly.

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That’s how I usually interpret it. Those categories weren’t thought through that well when they were added, so a bit of confusion about them has remained.

So I use design/illustration for pictures, and graphic design for general layout and the concept of the whole package.


Thanks for your answer.

Where would you put someone credited for Cover Art ?

If “cover art” is the only way the person is credited… I simply wouldn’t know.