Gosteleradio-> Pipeline Music-> Brilliant Classics Soviet Russian box sets

tldr; Many box sets are being made of recordings from one Soviet-era archive.
Recordings are being re-used across multiple Releases.
Is there anything that would help more editors re-use these Recordings instead of adding duplicate Recordings?

There are many large box sets of Soviet era Russian classical recordings released by Brilliant Classics, such as

The coverarts shows “Copyright Pipeline Music”.
Pipeline Music is, AIUI, a US company that holds the copyrights for the recordings in the huge archive of the Soviet era Gosteleradio (USSR State Committee for Television and Radio Broadcasting).
Selections of these recordings were then released by multiple labels;

I’m thinking now about whether a public Collection of “series & box-sets based on Gosteleradio archival recordings” would be one step towards getting these Recordings de-duped, or less-duped…

Any other suggestions?

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