Google not indexing CAArchive (or parts thereof)

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Music for Millions, Vol 1 has coverart in CAArchive but it doesn’t show in Google image search for “Music for Million, Vol 1”.

This particular omission is totally in line with Google’s stated aim to only bring you the “best of the web” as this Release is nothing but trouble.
However maybe some MB releases are part of the “best of the web” and are deserving of having their cover art presented in Google search results.

Checking with my long-time “best of the web” Release that contains the best titled track eva, The Secret Mausoleum of Mankind: Fetish Miniatures of the Suicided Races, I find that it too has CA in the CAArchive and that its CA is not presented in Google image searches.

How can we help Google achieve its goal of presenting “the best of the web”?

Could this be related to this:


Possibly, but unlikely IMHO. Google’s indexing should be able to get the images via MusicBrainz, not (just) via Internet Archive.