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People who have joined after 2021 might’ve missed this special moment on IRC.

An excerpt:

Who is the fucking mod of Your last update broke RYM URLs. It’s not possible to attache them to release groups

reosarevok was that you? why you do not test your code?
I would like to talk to your supervisor. Who is it?



This morning my inbox had 340 emails from 1 user - chaban - who, apparently was channelling the Blues Brothers and decided that he was on a mission from God.


from the unofficial Discord~

@Maxr1998: strawberry ice cream is so catchy

@DontMindMe: If we get an obsession feature it will be on mine :smile: One of those songs I love to loop!

@Maxr1998: I also noticed that it’s probably a perfect song for CPR
Yeah, I’d love that obsession feature

@DontMindMe: “What are you waiting for? Save him!”
“Hold on, let me start my CPR playlist”

@Maxr1998: “He’s dying”
"I KNOW, but I just can’t decide on the right song!’



This thread is doing my head in…

You know I appreciate all your work but don’t just pick up tickets that people make. I think it’s wrong for tickets to propose solutions to problems. We are the devs. We will find the solution after discussing with our teams

Reporting bugs is a waste of time. Got it.

For what it’s worth, that’s a lot more extreme a view than what the MB devs think at least (although I would agree with a softer version of it, “volunteer devs who are not in the dev team, ask if we want to change/fix something before you start writing code based on a ticket to make sure we don’t disagree with the proposed option and reject your code”).

Reporting bugs is certainly not a waste of time, anyway :smiley:


When concerns about a privacy invading core feature are apparently ignored for nearly a year it pretty much feels like a waste of time. Moreover it seems new features have a higher priority than fixing bugs in existing features.

@chaban You have been a great asset for us and we really appreciate your time and effort for the bugs you report.
As @reosarevok mentioned, I was expressing that emotion, so please don’t take it personally. I don’t want people to work on things before even sharing the ticket with me.

Thanks for understanding :smiley:

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Solutions take time sometimes and managing what excites people to contribute code is also what we need to consider. From my experience, young devs (our current app devs) like shiny new tech with new features, hence you might end up thinking we only consider features over high priority bugs but rest assured that that is not the case. We do care about fixing the bugs as soon as possible.

Please understand that we are all in the same team :100:

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You seem to be misunderstanding what I’m getting at. I wasn’t asking for code changes. I was rather suggesting to warn users about this.

A notice in its description like: “This app is beta, can have bugs and might submit data that is not related to music” would have done.

It seems the app has no proper privacy policy and the link in the store goes to which makes no mention of ListenBrainz at all?

Also I find it weird the data safety section doesn’t mention that data is actually collected and will leave the user’s device:



“We’ve hit the limit and asked to increase our quota, but we’re not poised to make them a few million dollars.”

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