is being threatened by misunderstanding people is a nice successor to FreeDB*, with a cool search engine, from which I have often been checking out or importing CD tracklists.

But it is now being threatened by misunderstanding people, who think this tracklist and disc ID database also contains audio rips! :woman_facepalming:

This could also happen to MB. is under attack from Incopro Ltd. falsely accusing gnudb for hosting copyrighted audio tracks. They have send me an immediately cease and desist mail, which they also have send to the hosting company.
Read all the mails here. Should they succeed in getting our hosting company “Hetzner” to take down which I can not imaginate, there may be a outrage until I have found a solution.

* Wow, it seems they have bought the domain, now!


Maybe but they’re acting like IP trolls.

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Misunderstanding, because they are losing their own time with a site that is not what they think.

It happens to MB all the time. We usually refer them to Data Removal Policy - MusicBrainz and then don’t hear anything more from them.


Doesn’t look like this, according to a whois search is still owned by MAGIX Software GmbH. But someone there seems to have been nice enough to setup a redirect.