GitHub now supports linking out to JIRA ticket trackers

Hi folks! I noticed GitHub added a new feature probably useful for the MeB projects:

It’s possible to configure custom prefixes to register as an automatic reference / link to a third-party issue tracker. So for example, typing PICARD-123 in a GitHub issue or pull request will automatically create a link to the MeB JIRA ticket.

It’s a small but useful quality-of-life feature that better connects the bug reporting platform with the development platform.


I have just set autolinks to MBS ticket references for musicbrainz-server repository.

It’s a step forward but there are 34 projects for MetaBrainz Tickets, and 131 repositories like for MetaBrainz GitHub (plus 14 projects for BookBrainz). That would mean adding 4453 more autolink references to be set for little outcome now. It would be really useful quality-of-life feature if it could be set at MetaBrainz GitHub level. We can at least configure the most straightforward associations (PICARD tickets for picard repository, and so on) for now.

(Edit: added MBVM, PICARD, PW, and SEARCH/SOLR to the most related repositories)


Thanks for configuring this, this is really helpful when linking to tickets.


Sorry for slight off topic but someone hsa any idea why my settings don’t look like your help page?
I’m missing this Autolink references entry, for instance.
Maybe one must be pro. user for this?

My repo The help page screenshot
Options Options
Collaborators Collaborators & teams
Branches Branches
Webhooks Webhooks
Notifications Notifications
Integrations & services Integrations & services
Deploy keys Deploy keys
_ Autolink references
_ Secrets
_ Security alerts
Moderation _
Interaction limits _

If you could give me the missing URL, especially Autolink references, I will try them on my repo.

This makes sense to me. Looking at GitHub’s track record, many features that start with individual repos eventually become integrated into organization-level settings. I would not be surprised if this became an organization setting eventually too. I would wait to go crazy with this until it can be done at the organization level.

Not sure why. Is this a private repo? Looking at the GitHub Pro options, I would only guess it doesn’t appear for you if this is a private repo, since GitHub Pro mostly limits private repos, not open source ones.

I didn’t get how convenient this new feature would be: it doesn’t work just for comments, it works for git commit messages too! See for example MBS beta commit history :rocket: