Getting track info from CyList?

CyList is a site where people can make lists of anything. Much of the content seems to be CD track listings. Very bare bones numbered lists but it’d be better than a folder full of tracks with no tags at all. Definitely would beat typing in or copying and pasting.

Here’s an example George Jones: Classic Country CD Track Listing at cyList

Ignore the cruft and scrape the numbered list for data. Looking at several lists they mostly are

Track number. Artist - Track Name (duration)

  1. GARY - Angel. (05:16)

Some are

Track number. Artist - Track number - Track Name (duration)
GARY - 01 - Angel. (05:16)

May or may not be a . after the Track Name. May not have (duration). But at the minimum there’s the track number and the name which if one knows the album title and artist but not the track names and it’s not in Musicbrainz or Discogs, at least you’d have the names.

CyList is the only place I’ve found track listings for Digital Juice BackTraxx music library and their other products.

The lists by checkmate look like a freedb (Wikipedia) dump. I’d rather use GnuDB and import from there with the userscript made by @jesus2099


I got the script into ViolentMonkey in Firefox.

Since the Digital Juice music library discs are published by Digital Juice they don’t have things like a label, artist, catalog number etc. I have the DVD set which instead of 28 Redbook audio CDs has 5 DVDs with 28 folders full of WAV files, UN-helpfully named 01_Classical_I_01.wav 01_Classical_I_02.wav etc. The WAV files are the same sample and bit rate as CD audio.

The Juicer 3 software reads an XML file from the first disc to show all the real names of the tracks, but when exporting/converting it doesn’t rename the files or embed tags.