Getting the details of the album of a track using ISRC code

I am using MusicBrainz to get a track’s meta data. I want to get the track’s album’s mbid. I am doing the following lookup using ISRC code.

But in response I don’t get any metadata related to the album of the track. I get the following response:

“isrc”: “USRC11600201”,
“recordings”: [
“disambiguation”: “single remix”,
“title”: “Cheap Thrills”,
“id”: “92e27a47-3546-4bc2-a9f7-b19e43d7a531”,
“length”: 223000,
“video”: false
“length”: 218540,
“video”: false,
“title”: “Cheap Thrills”,
“disambiguation”: “”,
“id”: “5845e975-33b4-4b0d-8e74-8f57d128b3d1”

I have tried various combinations of the “inc” sub query parameter as well but nothing works. Please help me out. I am really stuck at this. I want to get the mbid of the album.


Cheap Thrills SHOULD work, and it works in XML. But it seems to be broken on - I’ll ask the devs.

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Thank you very much @reosarevok. I’ve been stuck on this for a few days. I hope its fixed soon.