Getting Started, Trouble with File Naming Scipt a



So I found this platform in the wake of obtaining a Fiio X5 ii to replace an aging and about to fail ipod classic.

I have transferred most of my library from my eternal hard drive. I have had to restore some missing items using ipod access, and may still find some stuff missing.

Anyway, the fiio plays great. But some albums miss artwork, which I am trying to learn to use this program for. Above and beyond that, some files do not display in the way I’d like, ie a string for example of artrist album and then song. It makes it hard to read.

Anyway, I am trying to use this program and am not sure how to properly script the “file naming” script under options so that I just see the song title or at the very least “artist and song.”

Thanks in advance to anyone who takes their time out to help me.


Doesn’t your Fiio use the file tags to display what you are listening to? Maybe some of your files are in a different format with a kind of tag your player doesn’t support. Do you miss this information for specific files or all of them?

As far as file naming scripts go, %artist% - %title% is the simplest way to get what you want.


Thanks. Ill give that script a go.

I am really not sure what happened. I checked my ipod and the artist in question just shows song. On the fiio, it this particular artist–Front Line Assembly–scrols as Front Line Assembly / Tactical Neural Implant/ Mindphaser or … … Gun, so its really hard to read the songs. Pretty much have to go by memory.

Again, not sure why that is a problem as ihe ipod propery displays just the song.