Getting information for all disks on a multi-CD album

I can’t figure out how to retrieve information for both disks of a 2-CD album.
Some albums are titled “My Album (disc 2)”, some “My Album - CD 2” and other similar formats.
Sometimes Kodi will find the information for all disks of an album, and sometimes it only finds information if the " (disc x)" portion is removed.
Examples I have noticed are:
Beatles - Anthology 1 :- both CD 1 and CD 2 find the cover art
Bad Company - The ‘Original’ Bad Co. Anthology :- I need to remove the “CD 1” before the album is found.

I have experimented with " (disc 1)", " - CD 1", " CD 1" etc. but nothing seems to work.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to set things up so that both disks are found without editing the title? I have not found anything while searching the forum.

I don’t know about Kodi, but the “(disc n)” bit specifically is an old style practice. If you see multi-disc releases that should be entered like one but aren’t, you can merge them.

As for The ‘Original’ Bad Co. Anthology, it doesn’t look like it has any “CD 1” in its MusicBrainz title (nor should it), so I’m not sure why you are seeing it. Picard should by default save disc numbers to a separate tag so they don’t clutter the title.

You have to submit each disc as a separate release in the same release group then queue a merge edit on them to make a multivCD release.

I think the answers probably don’t quite get to the point of your question. But one reason for this is that you posted a very specific problem you have with a specific software without actually telling us a lot about it :wink: This is really a Kodi question, and we are not all Kodi users here (well, I am, but I don’t use Kodi to tag my files).

I can’t really say if there is something you can do in Kodi to fix this, for that you probably should ask in the Kodi forums. But from my experience Kodi works well if you have your Music properly tagged with MusicBrainz IDs. So my suggestion is tagging at least the files causing you issues with MusicBrainz Picard.


Thanks for the answers. I think @outsidecontext is probably nearest, though @jesus2099 has something I did not know of.
Most of my CDs were ripped some time ago, and I don’t think many have MusicBrainz tags. I shall have to investigate that. I have only recently been going through the Media Centre information.

I know that the database(s) hold the album name without the “CD x” addition, it is how the system deals with that (or doesn’t) which is the problem.

I will look at the Kodi scripts and get some debugging information for the Kodi forum.

Thanks again.

If you get a discussion in the Kodi forums feel free to cross link it with this discussion. That way more people can see it and help and if there is a solution more people will be able to find it :slight_smile: