Getting genre for a given recording's ID

I am compiling the musicBrainz database for a music related project of my own, and I have to dedupe releases for each unique track/song based on most recent release. I also associate ISRC and artist details to my recording data.
Question: How do I associate genre to these recordings? In the schema description, it is given that there is an entity called “Tags” which should have genres. But, I am not able to figure out how to connect these tags to each recording.

Hi! Sorry, I completely missed this, and it seems so did others :confused:

This is mentioned on a section on the schema docs but it can be confusing.
Basically, there’s a recording_tag table that should contain the connections between tags and recordings (how many up/downvotes they have and whatnot). You can join to recording and tag to actually get the matching between a recording ID and a tag name.

If you want only tags we consider genres, you can join the resulting tags with the genre table on tag name = genre name, to restrict the results. You can also just filter the tags yourself based on your own genre list if you want less or more genres than we do.

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