Getting all compilations with artist's appearance?

Hi, it’s obscure to me how the API browsing entity types are mapped to artist page subviews. I can’t manage to find the proper query syntax to get releases including VA compilations with just the artist’s appearance.

Though I can find all compilations with artist participating on<MBID>/releases and<MBID>, providing it’s guessable counterpart for the API channel<MBID>, I get an empty response > releases array… I tried get lists for other entity types

  • /ws/2/recording
  • /ws/2/release-group
  • /ws/2/work

but no one contained the expected compilation. Maybe it’s included only by providing specific <INC> keyword, but can’t figure out. Thanks for advices in advance.

You can list all releases on which a given artist appears but is not credited as a release artist using the /ws/2/artist/<Artist MBID>?inc=releases+various-artists endpoint, or via /ws/2/release?track_artist=<Artist MBID>.

Ah thanks, got it finally. /artist/<Artist MBID>?inc=releases+various-artists doesn’t seem to get them all, but the track_artist keyword with /release endpoint does the trick.

Yet I have problem with the /release endpoint listing as it only lists releases without bindings to their release groups. Is it either possible to use track_artist param and get release groups instead releases, or get the releases but including the related release group MBIDs?

I’ve tried several INC switches combos for the /release endpoint, but no one brought any relations<MBID>&inc=release-group-level-rels+release-group-rels&fmt=json just adds relations entry to each release, but empty. Not quite clear from the docs how the additional *-level-rels switches work and what order they should follow, as the examples page shows several *-level-rels switches can be combined in one query.