Get original track year not album year

Hi, I’m new to MusicBrains and use Apple Music App to manage and tag my files. I recently used some scripts to move the “first release date” to “year” tag. (btw I’m not a scripter so cant remember what ones of these worked)

$set(1st recording first release date,$left(%_recording_firstreleasedate%,4))
$set(1st releasegroup first release date,%_releasegroup_firstreleasedate%)



This did find some of the dates but clearly the MB database can not find them all, especially the modern house music and mixes I have.

I have found that Discogs does have most of these tracks and dates in the DB so I was wondering how I can get the date from the Discogs site into the “Year” tag of the files?

Any help appreciated!


You can directly import from Discogs and add the missing release to musicbrainz.

If you use the existing recording, it will update the the oldest date and should fix any wrong date issues. I just use the following and it seems to work really well giving the date for each track, not just the release as a whole.


Also, if the release isn’t missing, just make sure that the correct recording is on the release you have loaded in Picard. If it is, than you can put in a merger to the recording with the oldest date.

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The problem with mixes is they cannot easily link back to the original recording. In the current definition of a “recording” any track on a mix CD is a unique recording. So it can’t be merged with the original recording, it has to use a relationships like “dj-mix of”. I am not sure if this can be scripted yet.