Get Credits for a specific Artist using WebServices

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Hi guys!
I am the lead developer of ProMusicDB project and we need to access MusicBrainz BD.
My first approach is to use WS.

The data I want to get is credit information from a specific artist. So given an artist name I want to get the credits for their work: Year, Instrument or Role, Name of the track, record or release and artist or band name.

Can this be done?
Can you help me out on how to do this?

Thank you


I’m no web service expert, but here are two queries that might help you.

This returns the artist Veronica Maggio (indicated by the MBID) including all of her relationships to works. The downside is that no other data of the works are returned.

This returns all works where the artist is Veronica Maggio including all of their relationships to artists. Attributes of the works themselves are here, but also relationships to artists other than Veronica Maggio, so you might have to filter that on your end.

You might have to do some tweaking to get what you want. For example, work entities themselves don’t have a year in MusicBrainz, so you might want to look at their recordings.

See the web service documentation for more info. If you have more questions, feel free to ask.