Get Cover Art by API without knowing the MBID?


using I can get album covers. Now I want to create a summary of an artists albums containing a cover if possible. Now I have a bunch of _release_s because I searched the MusicBrainz api but I would have to request every single mbid of these releases in order to check if a cover is available. This is very inefficient.

Is there any way to know by the result I retrieve from the MB API which releases have a cover in the CoverArtArchive?

In the current form the data is useless to me.

Any help is highly appreciated!

Bye The_Unknown

Do you care about each version of an album or is it good enough to know whether we have a cover for the “album” as a concept (so, from any version)? If the second is good enough, you could query MB for release groups and then query the API specifically for front images for each release group, which should be much more efficient.