Get Composer with Picard

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From looking through other posts here in the forum, it seems that Picard should scrape the Composer value (if it exists), however, I am not seeing this behaviour and so am here looking for help.

I’m using Picard 2.3.1 and my Tag settings are:
ID3v2 Version = 2.3
ID3v2 Text Encoding = UTF-16
Join multiple ID3v2.3 tags with = /

By default, when I’m in the main Picard screen looking at tag Original Values and New Values, the Composer tag is not visible, and I’m not sure on if or how I make it visible?

Aside from it not being visible, when I check the MP3 files after saving New Tags, I don’t ever see the Composer tag value as any other than blank when I look in other tools (e.g. MP3Tag).

An example of a release I recently tried to scrape with Picard from MB that has Composer fields populated on many of the tracks -

Thanks for any guidance!

To fetch all the data you need to enable Use release relationships and Use track relationships in Options > Metadata.


THANK YOU!! Working perfectly now!

Can’t believe it was staring me in the face. I just didn’t associate it with the problem I was trying to solve.

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