Get a list of all artists with Wikidata and Spotify artist ID

I checked in Wikidata and we have 135 124 items linked to MusicBrainz artist-ID see Property_talk:P434 and just 5320 items linked toSpotify Artist ID see Property_talk:P1902

Is there an easy way to get all artists with a Wikidata ID and Spotify Artist ID and for those also the MusicBrainz artist-ID


@Mineo can probably tell you more about the progress made by his MusicBrainz-to-Wikidata bot.

About 11K Spotify Artist IDs are available from MusicBrainz Artist entries through Streaming music URL relationships.

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I would just offer caution on bots.
It is one thing for a program to gather the information.
But it is another to have them insert the information.

Too many “same name” artists out there. I just rewrote 3 Oona artists and 4 Ruby Wright artists.

The Spotify information here is not added by bots, it should be pretty much all added by humans (and same for the Wikipedia/Wikidata links), so it should be reasonably safe to reuse.

Wikidata does require human confirmation for fully automatic matches, in general :slight_smile:

Of course, there are some Spotify “artists” that aren’t properly disambiguated and might belong to several different MusicBrainz/Wikidata artists, but hey, at least with the constraints on Wikidata that’d be easy to find and try to fix.

Thanks for the feedback… WIkidata has a new tool MixAndMatch that is maybe the best solution then you get one step of human confirmations

The MusicBrainz-Wikidata bot is not based on artist name matching, it is based on human-entered links to Wikipedia.