Genre location

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I am confused as to where genre belongs.
I do not see genre mentioned in the schema
I have seen releases that have genre under artist-credit[i].artist.genre[k] with many (e.g., Beatles CDs with 22 genres?!).
I have seen releases that have no genre under artist-credit.
I have seen releases that have genre under media[i].tracks[j].recording.genres[k]; typically one.
Where else might genre appear?
What are the semantics of each genre location?

What is count under genre?


Genres are managed with folksonomy tags, basically genres are a curated list of tags that are to be considered genres.

The count gives the number of votes on each tag (up votes - down votes).


Thanks. Now I understand the count field.

Can anyone help with the proper location for genre?

Most CDs displayed (by me) via Search Entites and entered a MBid resuls in a right panel with “Genres: none” even though there are genres buried in the JSON

Depends, you need to look at the JSON for which entities the genres are set.

In many cases editors set genres not on the individual releases, but on the release group. Which makes sense as all releases on a release group are just different versions of the same album etc.

But also individual recordings can get genres set, and artists.