Fuzzy dates: centuries etc?

What’s current practice for entering rough/fuzzy dates?
eg work composed sometime between 1280 - 1350 CE?
Or 13th century writing down of score/lyrics?

One of you helpful types shared this already but I can’t find where.

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It’s just not possible at the moment. There are two related tickets: MBS-3645 and MBS-2954. My preference would be allowing dates like 156?. A circa checkbox would only be useful in some occasions.


I’m thinking that the 3 available options are:

  1. ditch the data
  2. put it in an annotation
  3. fudge the accuracy and put it in the dates field

Anyone want to make a case for 3.?
That is my feelings preferred option but it seems not to be good database practice and I love good database practices.

failing that I’ll go for the annotation

I would definitely add an annotation, not matter if you do 3 or not. Not sure about entering the date. Pro: It would at least sort more correctly and give a clear information how old a release is approximately. Con: It claims an accuracy where there is none.

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I like how Wikidata do it: they have the date, and then a “precision” field that says how precise it is. Know the exact hour? Great! Know only the millennium? Well, less great, but ok! I don’t think it’d be easy to add that though :frowning:


Héhé I was pretty sure adding a date like 199? was possible. But failed :slight_smile: This happen for La Perla, a girl about whom we have very little information…

The woman who cleans the bar Eshavira (where Carolina bartends) has a 16 year old daughter, La Perla, known for her voice.