Full MBID support in Picard (incl. label IDs)

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As a full year has passed since I started a thread about this (A Picard (plugin) request/wish - points II & III) and we’ve had quite a few big updates to Picard in the meantime, I would wish to re-open this topic.

At first I asked about a plugin, however I changed my mind since and I truly believe that the full support for the internal ID system of Musicbrainz should be included in Picard. Not to mention the fact that I have to copy those IDs manually from the site or fetch them from within my library by label name lookup :wink:

I found that someone’s already made a ticket for this:

In the interim until it has been incorporated into Picard, I’ve put together a plugin that (hopefully) provides the information that you can use to meet your needs. Details follow:

Label Variables [ Download ]

This plugin reads the release metadata provided to Picard and exposes the label information in a number of additional variables for use in Picard scripts.

NOTE: This plugin makes no additional calls to the MusicBrainz website api for the information.

Label Variables:

  • _label_ids_multi - All label IDs listed, as a multi-value
  • _label_names_multi - All label names listed, as a multi-value
  • _label_sort_names_multi - All label names listed (sort name), as a multi-value
  • _label_disambig_multi - All label disambiguations listed, as a multi-value
  • _label_catalog_multi - All label catalog numbers listed, as a multi-value
  • _label_label_count - Count of the number of labels listed
  • _label_catalog_count - Count of all catalog numbers listed

NOTE: Variables will not be created if the data is missing.


It works and it does so perfectly!

Thank you so much, this is such a time saver!


Glad I could help. I was able to adapt one of my other plugins, so it only took a couple of hours to do.

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