French artist names style

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what do you consider the most correct capitalization of Frech artist (i.e. group) names? Following the style guide or capitalizing all words?

I am just looking at La Société elle a mauvaise haleine which does not fit either scheme because the name is a full sentence, and according to the style guide, “société” would not be capitalized in that case (see the conditions to exception A).


I would say La société elle a mauvaise haleine as well.:slight_smile:
I am French but not authoritative. :kissing_cat:


I agree with jesus2099. And there is no evidence of artist intent for the capitalization (as there are both all letters caps and all words caps on their website). You can follow the rules even for punk artists! :wink:

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I second that, because it is a verb phrase, that can be read as “La société a mauvaise haleine”, “Elle” is somehow redundant (Elle = La société) and is purely stylistic.



Changed the artist and sort names in edit #38071040.

Hello French speaking people, we need your avis.

Let’s keep using this topic for French artist name style questions.

What about keeping correct accents in artist name, even if they don’t always use it, themselves?

Éric Serra to Eric Serra

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