Forum RSS Feeds?

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Maybe I’m missing it, and if so, please accept my apologies and I humbly request a nudge in the right direction…

Is there the ability to subscribe to a feed of a particular forum (i.e. MusicBrainz Picard)?


If I paste
(the url of that topic) into feedly it seems to give a nice result:



Wow! Thanks for that!


In fact, going off of your suggestion, I was able to see the actual URL for the feed and it’s simply the same URL but with a .rss appended to it.

For instance, to import the RSS feed into Outlook 365 (Windows), I just right click, select add feed and the URL would be It imports it with no problems and once I do it in Windows, it syncs across to all my other devices.

Again, thanks for the point in the right direction!


I saw a list of (all?) Discourse RSS feeds:


Thanks for the reply…However, there are a couple things why this doesn’t work…

  • The “share” button is only found in the thread itself, not in the forum where the threads are listed
  • The button isn’t a feed, but a link to the thread/post/reply and includes the associated username.
    Maybe there’s a different button you’re referring to?