Forcing saving a song to edit details


Hi guys!

I am new to this wonderful app but since I suck at coding I am talking a lot of time to rearange my library lol. I do a lot by hand but there’s a thing I noticed and that it’s quite annoying to edit by hand all the time… I want my mp3 to just have the name of the song. As simple as that. It works fine when I have to save data (my humble code changes “03 - Rolling Stones - Satisfaction” to “Satisfaction” but when the song appears with the musical note and therefore I can’t save it again, those songs keep the other format.

Is it possible to force this change or add some code to do it?

Thanks so much in advance for your help for free and not knowing me! I appreciate it a lot!


EDIT: I apparently completely misread the original question. Sorry! See @outsidecontext’s answer below instead.

Changing the name Picard saves files under is definitely possible – I’ve probably put way too much time into making my own structure ridiculously complex, just because I have a very specific idea of how I want things to be ordered. In your case, though, the change is luckily a lot easier. Open the options window, and go the the “File Naming” page. It sounds like you still have the default naming script, so replace everything in the main text box with the line:


If you have made some changes already that you don’t want to lose, scroll to the end and then work backward until you find the first / then figure out if it’s inside a function (look at the parentheses; the line above has the / inside the $if function), and (if it is) either replace everything to the right of the closing parenthesis or (if it’s on the top level, like the first / in that line) replace everything after the slash itself with %title%.


If there is just the musical note that means there is no file attached to the track. And if there is no file you obviously can’t save anything. If you are sure you have the file it maybe is still in the unmatched files on the left. In that case just drag it over to the track with a music note.