Force Apple Music App to recognize new tags applied with Picard?

Apologies if this question has been answered elsewhere. I have not used the forums before.

I recently used Picard to mass update the genre tags on my large music library. Unfortunately, the Apple Music app (successor to iTunes) does not recognize the changes.

I first tried unchecking and then rechecking the “Keep Music Media folder organized” option in preferences. This did result in a long process of Music checking the files, but did not result in updated tags.

I then consulted the Musicbrainz iTunes Guide (
The “manual method” does work but is not practicable with a library of thousands of albums.
The “brute force method” did not work. The Music app did process the files, but the genre tags were not updated, or at least not consistently. The library is too large to tell if some were updated.

I have not tried the AppleScript method. I do not use AppleScript and am somewhat reluctant to play with it. But if anyone can assure me this will work with the Music app, I’d consider it.

Any suggestions welcome.


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Did you check to see that the changes were applied to the files themselves?
I recently tried to tag with Picard in Catalina (probably for the first time; I rarely use it for tagging these days), and it didn’t even save the changes to the files at all.

Yes, the tags were applied. If I select a track and bring up the info in Music, the tags are refreshed. This is the “manual method” of the old iTunes guide. In theory, I could click through all of my tracks this way, except there are over 65,000.

I don’t want to get off on a side issue, but are you using the latest version of Picard? If so, you might want to start your own topic.

Finally got around to trying the AppleScript method from the iTunes Guide. With a few simple modifications, it works fine.

I replaced “iTunes” in the script with “Music”. I saved the script in Users/[username]/Library/Music/Scripts. I had to create the Music and Scripts folders.

The Scripts menu and Refresh menu item appeared in the Music application as described. I tried it out on a limited set of tracks and the refresh worked. I’m now running it on the entire library and it is taking a long time (hours). This isn’t too surprising with the size of my library. Note that while the operation is running the application will simply freeze with a pinwheel cursor. There is no progress bar or other indication of the length of the process. Other applications are unaffected, so you can just leave it to run in the background.