Forbidden Request when login to picard on a Dockerized MB

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Hi everybody, I’m new on this forum and I hope you can help me. I’m not an expert on LINUX but I’m trying to leverage Musicbrainz on a Virtual Machine created in my QNAP NAS using Container Station.
I found the musicbrainz image in the container station, I installed the image, the db dump has been imported and now the VM console provide the following message each 10 seconds:
crond[567]: file root:
crond[567]: wakeup dt=60
crond[567]: line /bin/bash app/musicbrainz/admin/cron/
I have a NAT between the NAS local LAN address and VM so I can reach the MB NAS instance from chrome on this ports is mapped to the 5000 from the NAT.

Now going to Picard Options I insert the internal web address and port 32772 to use my server instead the “real” one.
When I click on the login button Picard open chrome and receive a forbidden request form this web site
at the bottom of the page I see this message: This is a MusicBrainz mirror server. To edit or make changes to the data, please [return to]

Anyway I tried to search for some mp3 I have in my library and picard is not able to retrive any value from my DB. the message that I get is “Could not load album …” in the right side of the screen where shold be supposed to have the feedback from picard if find some data on the DB.

on top of it I analyzed the Error message from the INFO button and I see this error:
Error transferring - server replied: Bad Request

is there someone that can help me on leveragin my DB on my QNAP?
thanks a lot to anyone will spend time for this

Inside Picard you should look into the debug log (Help > Show Error/Debug Log). The error messages there might give you some clues on what is wrong with the VM configuration.

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thanks. what I see in the log is the following:
E: 21:48:36,997 webservice._handle_reply:383: Network request error for Error transferring - server replied: Bad Request (QT code 302, HTTP code 400)

E: 21:48:36,999 album.error_append:222: Error transferring - server replied: Bad Request

any idea?
thanks a lot

well. in the mean time I restared the server in the port 32771