For linking Events to group of Artists, is it preferable to link each members or just the entire group?

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For events which have group of artists (bands, orchestra, duo, etc.) which is preferred when linking the two entities together? Linking directly to the band makes it clear that they are intended to perform as a single unit but it has the downside of not being able to make it clear that one or more members of the group was not present should it happen. Linking each member to the event seems like a good idea but it makes it look like they are each performing separately instead of as a unit. Linking both the group and the members could make it clearer but it could also be interpreted as the group and the members each perform separately; as a unit and also separately for the members.

I would answer this with a question - which name was written on the promotional material for the event?

If it was promoted as the band - then I would add the band name.

This would actually come up as a legal issue with some bands and reformed\split groups. So I’d stick to the “Name on the flyer\poster”

If band members don’t turn up, then that would be something for the annotation.

I don’t look at events much, but I assume these link to a Live Set somewhere? What ever level it is the tracks are then listed is the time the separate band members would then get their separated credits. Using the same relationships as normal instruments.

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if it is promoted as bands and orchestra put that. if your wondering how to add them as separate artist on the album then that is not to hard you just hit the edit button where the artist gos and add the first one then hit the green + and add the second one and so on