Font size issues on MB Picard

I am having trouble with reading text on MB Picard. I have a new computer and Windows 11 and can’t figure out if this is a Windows 11 or Picard issue.
I have very small unreadable text in certain parts of Picard.

Can someone give me some guidance on how to fix it?

Picard is RC2


Let me guess. I bet you have a fancy 4K monitor with a high resolution… have seen that in other apps too with a friend on a laptop with a very high res screen.

It is a font scaling issue thing, but am not much help with a solution. Someone needs to buy @outsidecontext a fancy monitor to test with.

I’m using an analog Dell E176FP [SVGA] & HP W2371 [DVI-D], Win 11 home

In Win10 it is under SYSTEM\DISPLAY

I’ve been avoiding Win11 due to it’s Alpha state. Dig around and find similar settings and see what they are. I expect your scaling is a lot higher due to a high res screen.

Sounds good. I’ll do that Thanks

I just reproduced it (Win10)…

I changed the UI scaling on screen 1 to 200% making the text on there HUGE, and opened Picard. And the result was the above image. (Actually, the above image was snipped on screen 2 which was still at 100% at the time otherwise it would never have fit in the screen shot)

I wonder if this is also a two screen thing? Different scaling on the two screens… Not a two screen thing… just happens when scaling is pushed higher. (I did more testing)

I have two similar monitors, but only changed scaling on one of them to make the above happen.

So we need to buy @outsidecontext TWO monitors…

Basically what is happening is the buttons are not following the OS UI scaling. The text and list boxes are scaling fine, just buttons and toolbars are not getting the same message.


I wonder if this has anything to do with Qt 5?

The script box text on the on the right are not functioning at the right size also.

I think that is a different issue you are linking with the font smoothing, but this is going to be something Qt 5 handles. Somewhere there “should” be a setting to follow the Win OS UI scaling. As to whether it is implemented or not in Qt 5 I can’t comment.

That happens when you scale the font only. Some of Qt5’s elements just don’t react on this. Use UI scaling instead and everything will be scaled. This is Picard on Windows caled to 175%:

It’s said Qt6 has improved UI scaling support, and we want to move to Qt6 with Picard 3. Maybe that will improve things.


Thanks for your information!
Win 11 home has settings that are different/no longer available in the menu and choices are changed than in Windows 10 home.

Yes, they changed the settings UI in Win 11, but it still has options for scaling the entire UI and separate font size settings. You find the UI scaling in the display settings. There you can choose for 100% or higher scaling.


That is UI scaling in my example image. Not touched the fonts. I just took the screenshot on a 100% monitor while the main Picard app was on the 200% monitor.

I had tested on Windows 11. But it’s a mess really, I had been looking into this several times and done various improvements in the past, but results vary greatly for unknown reasons. My hopes are on Qt6 really, but that switch will bring some breaking changes (e.g. dropping support for Win 7 and older macOS).


Jumping up on this conversation, as I just changed machine and installed the program. The resolution is 3840 x 2400, and the scaling is 250%, which is huge. But the text is not responding. The “File”, “Edit”, “View” menus are fine sicne they seems to be using the windows UI, however the icons and internal fonts, (add folder, add files), are not responding. In my case, it’s even worst than the OP, I can’t read it at all, unless I put my face 10cm from the screen. Icons are really small as well. Wouldn’t mind the ability to have them bigger, as well as the font, even it this means a low resolution, a bit blurry, until the software adjust to new resolutions over the years. I see that this thread is almost 1 year old already. Just pumping up on that, to have some sort of a X…% font option, or something adaptive to UI options.