Font issue?

I am viewing the site on my Laptop using Firefox

In the above image, please look at the font title, the ‘i’ in the text looks ‘l’.

When the font-size is set to 15px, everything is fine

When font size is 15px, the letters can be distinguished. There is also no issue with the font on my phone.

Does anyone else have this problem?

On my desktop with the Chromium browser as well as with the Pale Moon browser I can confirm this issue.
To be sure it’s an i or an l I use the tool tip of the title and artist since the font of the tool tip doesn’t have this issue.
Changing the font size in Chromium doesn’t change the display of the respective text. That is to be expected since the display is ruled by the web page.

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Thanks for confirming
By changing the font size, I mean changing it in the css file in developer tools. Just for testing if a slightly bigger size would fix this issue,