Folder renaming - was that a feature?

Hi there.
Long time no use of Picard - but now that I do: I think I remember that it would also correct/change the folder names where the audio files are stored. Can anybody confirm whether this is just my imagination, or not?

Yes - it will if you want it to.

There is an excellent documentation site (thanks mainly to Bob Swift @rdswift) and you need to look for the sections on file naming scripts.

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Thank you @Sophist
I managed to adapt an existing script as following:

$num(%tracknumber%,2) - %title%

Now I’ve drag’n’dropped a folder called “Lucio Battisti”, which in turn contains 2 album folders. The second is called “Umanamente”, but the correct and complete album title is “Umanamente uomo: il sogno”.
So after saving everything, the folder name remains unchanged. What did I do wrong there?

OK, got it. I had to enable “Move Files” in the options.
Now one last thing: is it possible to have the folder stay at the same place where it was before renaming it?

I don’t think so. I have suggested that the change path feature (Move files) be split into Rename path and Move origin but deciding which bits of the path to change is too variable for this to be easy to code.

Most people just create a new folder to hold the entire library and then tag and save with move from your old library into the new one.

Ok, fine with this.