FLAC audio files showing only as file name in Telegram

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When I scan and tag FLAC files in Picard and put them on Telegram they only show as the file name instead of like an MP3. I can see that FLAC files can indeed show correctly like an MP3. Is there a setting I need to change in Picard?

On mobile app:

When saving files in Picard make sure that saving tags are enabled and that there is no error on saving. When after saving the file the file icon turns into a red stop sign there was an error. In this case please check the error log for details.

If there is no error, double check the file by loading it into Picard again. Verify the relevant tags are set. You can also check with a separate tag editor.

If the files look good and the tags are present but still don’t show up in Telegram open an issue report there. They might need an affected file to be able to debug this.