/First Level; /Second Level; /Third Level Create

Don’t get that attitude right how, where …
Could the community show me a solution, not a solution?
SortName configuration
Would be very nice

/First Level

/Second Level

/Third Level


{CDnr) two-part = 01
{Tracknr} two-part = 02



System: Manjaro Linux; MusicBrainz Picard Version 2.1.3

Are you asking for a script to do this with Picard?

If you help me with that, I would be Happy

This answer to a similar question may give you some inspiration. I didn’t get the point of the artists’ names being repeated in the second level but here’s how I’d do it anyway.

	%albumartist% - %album%/
	$num(%discnumber%,2)$num(%tracknumber%,2) - %artist% - %title%
, ,_)
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Almost every artist uses {Aliasse:} and {Variants:} see here https://www.discogs.com/de/artist/4719-Roger-Sanchez

by Album: Artist_-_AlbumName
Under Roger-Sanchez all {Aliasse:} and {Variants:}

by Singles: Artist_-_TitleName
Under Roger-Sanchez all {Aliasse:} and {Variants:}

this is also noticeable when running this software {very fast access) Mixxx

Ahh. I think you’re describing an option similar to "Use standardized artist names" (in the Metadata tab in Picard) but in this case the option would need to be usable as needed instead of globally.

I don’t think the first level can be done without creating a new plugin for it.

If you’re willing to accept sort names on the first level you could do this with %albumartistsort%, then %albumartist% on the second level.

This would produce something like:

Eno, Brian

  • Brian Eno - Before and After Science
  • Eno - Another Green World
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And what if I would like to get only the first artist from %artists% in foldername?
In this case only Aesop Rock.How to do it, without plugin?