Fingerprinting: "Please select a valid fpcalc executable"

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Hello Everyone.

I am new to the community.
Very grateful to have found this tool to organize my 10.000+ songs library.
As I am not very familiar with this tool I keep finding things that catch my attention and of these is this red (error kind) message n the fingerprinting tab,
I have no idea what it means so I would like for someone to help me understand if there is anything wrong there and how could I fix it.

Thanks in advance for any inputs.


This is a barely educated guess.
In Picard/Options/General there is “Musicbrainz Account” - have you entered your Musicbrainz account* details there and then collected the authorisation code from the new tab that opens in your browser and then cut and pasted that code back into Picard?

When I do that I end up with;
Musicbrainz Account
Logged in as mmirG

Please report back if this works.
I searched in the documentation for “Please select a valid fpcalc executable” and if it is a “simple fix” then it would be helpful for newer users to have the phrase indexed in the documentation.

*(I’m 99% confident that it is the same account as you are using on these forums.)


Also just checking that you have been to Picard:Options: Fingerprinting and do have a an fpcal.exe and an API key?

I just tried clicking on the “Download” button and it tells me I have "fpcal version 1.4.2"
Clicking the “Get API key” button opens a new tab your browser that needs your Musicbrainz (MB) log-in details and then provides a key to cut and paste into Picard.


Scan, lookup and save (what you need to tag your files) shouldn’t need a key I don’t think :grinning:

Please don’t add fingerprints/hit the ‘submit’ button unless you’re 100% sure you know what you’re up to/you’re submitting exact matches! You can always do that after tagging your own files if you like.