FINGERPRINTING : Left-hand Submitted fingerprint calculation

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Hi everyone, I can that I can calculate the fingerprint on left-hand in MusicBrainz Picard, but there is no documentation to save it (on the left-hand), I mean, I don’t want any update of metadata except the fingerprint, and there is no documentation to use Chromaprint fpcalc,

Finally how I can calculate fingerprint ? thank you, here below on the pic, I can see fingerprint is calculated but not saved on the ACOUSTID_FINGERPRINT field, so where is temporary saved ?


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Fingerprints are saved on the AcoustID database. The tag “acoustid_id” Picard can save contains just the ID of an AcoustID fingerprint, not the fingerprint itself. I think you’d need to run “Scan” to fetch the IDs from the database.
Just be aware the AcoustID DB is having difficulties for almost 2 weeks already, new submissions are not shown. So if the IDs are not there yet you can’t get them now. Unfortunately not a word from the maintainer.

The current version of MusicBrainz Picard (v2.6.3) does not save the fingerprint (created by the external commandline tool fpcalc.exe) inside the track.

For more detailed help please have a look here:
and here:


You screenshot shows a file that has the AcoustID fingerprint tag filled. But this must have been added by a different tool. As explained in the thread linked above Picard currently does not save the fingerprint to the files, but it can display and use them. Picard will save the AcoustID ID, which you can query for the files using the “Scan” button.

I don’t know what tag MP3Tag displays in the “Fingerprint” field. But if this is the same file then it probably does not use the acoustid_fingerprint tag for this. Maybe ask on the MP3Tag forum which tag is used for this field.

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