Fingerprint Database Download

I’m struggling to download the database dump files from

For example if I try to download the following file the connection fails after around 50mb:

The fingerprint delta files seem to download ok but without the fingerprint to track uuid mapping they aren’t much use.

Any ideas would be appreciated

Same here (ends in “network error”).
But in Google Chrome I can press the “continue/resume” option for the aborted download.

After 3 or 4 attempts, I got the full 937MB and can decompress the *.csv file successfully.


If you still have trouble downloading it I’ve put it on Mega:

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Thanks @InvisibleMan78 for the tip. I tried Chrome and managed to get a lot further by resuming a load of times but it still eventually failed. It got me thinking though and in the end I reverted to using CURL commands with the -C option to resume the downloads. After around 20 or so resumes the CURL method eventually got me the file.

Thanks @chaban for hosting the file on Mega, that was much appreciated.

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I think error is particular to some files, see Not possible to download · Issue #76 · acoustid/acoustid-server · GitHub