Finding tracks with length that disagrees with MB

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I’ve used Picard to tag a large number of my files. In some cases, I went ahead and accepted the MB scan results, even though the track length differs from what should be on the release - mainly in the interest of getting any tags at all on the files. Sometimes as much as a minute or two difference is there.

Now, I’m interested in going back and revisiting the files with incorrect length, to check if they are truncated or if they would better fit a different release. But I’m having problems finding just the tracks with >10 seconds difference in tracklength.

How can I get Picard to highlight the tracks that have wrong length? It used to show them with a yellow barchart and label, but now everything is just checkmarked in green.


Bump, nobody has an answer for this?


Hmm, this is annoying.
I had a little look, and Picard will display the tick next to files that don’t have any new tags to be written/changed.

So you can perhaps remove some tags when you load the files (eg delete all the album titles using your music player or mp3tag), and then re-save all of them (except the ones you’re wanting to fine). This way you wont have to re-match everything, as long as you haven’t deleted the MBID’s, but you will have to re-save everything.

The other option is to load them in, drag them into the left panel, and then into the correct album on the right again… which will highlight them again if needed.

Really seems like there should be an easier way, but I haven’t found it! Sorry.


I created a ticket for this feature recently: PICARD-877 :wink: