Finding names of current band members?

Is there a way to access individual band member names with the API? The information is on the site under ‘relationships’, but I’m unsure how to access it using musicbrainzngs. And more specifically, I want to access current band members which would have an added requirement that currently doesn’t seem listed clearly on the site. See: Red Hot Chili Peppers ( Anthony Kiedis is not listed as a member presently under ‘members’ but is listed as a present member under ‘original members’ however the other present members are listed under ‘members.’ So now I’m contending with the fact that the info I’m looking for could be stored in 2 separate sections and I don’t know how to correctly access either.

You need to include relationships to artsits using the inc=artist-rels parameter:

This will give you all members with the relationships of type “member of band”.


Awesome!! Thank you for this. It also includes begin and end dates I could access to narrow down to current members. Gonna try and get back to you.

Much appreciated!

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Ok, so this worked for Red Hot Chili Peppers well. But I seem to have run into an inconsistency!

For example, if we take a look at The Black Keys:

musicbrainzngs.get_artist_by_id('d15721d8-56b4-453d-b506-fc915b14cba2' ,includes = ['artist-rels']).get('artist',{}).get('artist-relation-list')

The result does not include the boolean values for an “ended” key. The Red Hot Chili Peppers result did, which made it easy to determine current members. I realize all OG members of TBK are still present members, but that’s only because I know that. Do some bands not have the “ended” key available? How can I create a general code to find current members without this across different cases?

Another case:

Let’s take a look at Nirvana. They have the ended key for all the band members, but all are noted as ‘True’. This is tricky again if I am to rely on the ended key to find current members because it’s not entirely accurate. Nirvana never broke up…really…so Kurt Cobain, Dave Grohl, etc… should be noted in some way that makes it clear that they didn’t walk away or get replaced. I should still be able to pull their names as members. The entry for One Direction seems to handle this…they’re not making music but because they are still technically part of 1D the remaining members are listed as ‘False’ for the ended key. Another issue I don’t know how to get around…

Basically…what’s a reliable way to extract the current band members?